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8 Cantonese Restaurant – Cairo

In fact, the restaurant features China’s authentic tastes in food, decor and ambiance. Moreover, it also features the renowned personalized service. Furthermore, 8 Cantonese Restaurant welcomes you with a wide range of traditional dishes and delicacies. Indulge your appetite as 8 Cantonese Restaurant also presents festive Dim Sum every Friday. Moreover, it will greatly satisfy after its awaited opening. Furthermore, two private dining rooms can accommodate up to 20 guests for your intimate gatherings. It is while another private seating area features Captain’s Tappanyaki table. In fact, it indeed is perfect for celebratory dinners. Address: Four Seasons hotel, Nile Plaza, Cairo, Egypt.

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese.

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Birdcage Restaurant – Cairo

Everything about the Birdcage is pure Thailand. It offers exotic water feature at the door. Moreover, it also offers an authentic etiquette displayed throughout your meal. You will indeed transport across the continent. It also features sizzling sounds and enticing aromas. Moreover, it is from the open kitchen where Chef Narong creates Thai specialties. Furthermore, it is such as Garlic Pepper Shrimp, Cashew Chicken and Crispy Rice with Peanut Sauce. Winner of the TripAdvisor Excellence Award 2013. Best Thai cuisine in town. Address: Corniche El Nil | Semiramis Intercontinental Cairo, Cairo 11511, Egypt. Tel: (+202) 2795 7171.

Cuisine: Asian, Thai.

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Bua Khao Restaurant – Cairo

Part of the charm of Bua Khao is when you call ahead for directions . The owner answers the phone in her cheerful Thai sing-song accent. Located of the busy Horreya Square in Maadi. The location is a bit confusing. But look out for the Bank of Abu Dhabi, Cellardoor Bistro and Cavalli Corner. Bua Khao is next door. The quality at the restaurant did not change at all within the last 20 years. Be it to the better! Who ever knows original Thai food would agree… It is typical and very original. Address: No. 9 Road 151 | Old Maadi, Cairo, Egypt. Tel: (+202) 23580126 / 23783355.

Cuisine: Asian, Thai.

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Indigo Restaurant & Lounge and Bar – Cairo

Indigo offers indeed a one of a kind dining experience. In fact, it located in First Mall at Four Seasons Residents , Cairo. It features a fresh, innovative interior concept. It also features wild and excellent cuisine varieties. The multi ethnic restaurant gives guests the opportunity to indulge in several dishes. Moreover, they inspired from different countries. They combined with an exceptional interior design in one unique menu. The French designer Didier Gomez has put his talent on full display in this trendy hot spot. In fact, he indeed gave Egypt its first ever suspended bar. The chairs, each with its own small stool next to it, impressively suspended from the ceiling. The bar made of Plexiglas, cut with laser and lit by dramatic fiber optics.

A wide range of alcohols and soft cocktails offered. Furthermore, it is with great lounge music in the background. The restaurant set up of large luxury sofas imported from Jakarta that accommodate up to 12 guests. Individual tables with four chairs positioned tactfully in between. Every table has its unique set of singe chairs; each set imported from a different country. The VIP area elevated for its elite guests. Separated by curtains, the creme de la creme get to enjoy their privacy. With velvet chairs and magnificent comfortable couches, the overall atmosphere is cozy. It is also glamorous and welcoming.

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Located on the second floor of the First Mall, guests will enjoy the breathtaking view of the Nile. The indirect lighting sets the alluring mood. Moreover, it is along with lavish materials including zebra woods and black slate. The red, orange, green and wood colors of the restaurant give it the wild and trendy edge. It ensures its uniqueness. Furthermore, the gastronomy of Indigo brings you scrumptious cuisine from three destinations. They are Spain, Vietnam and Malaysia. Appetizers include a mixture of cold and hot Tapas from each of the three countries. The main courses comprised of each country’s best dishes. Moreover, vegetarians will also delighted to find special meet free dishes.

The dessert menu is wild and exotic, offering sweet dishes from several origins. Moreover, the dishes at Indigo are adaptable. Guests can make up their meal according to their own culinary desire. It is at the very moment of ordering, choosing from a vast range of flavors. Everything oriented towards your freedom. It is from creating your own combinations of ingredients and techniques. Address: 35, Giza St, Cairo 12311, Egypt. Phone: +20 2 35671600.

Cuisine: Asian, French, International, Mediterranean and Vietnamese.

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Kamala Conrad Cairo Restaurant

Savor authentic flavors of the east, created by expert Asian chefs at Kamala restaurant. In fact, the restaurant located at Conrad Cairo hotel. Enjoy an intimate meal in a cozy atmosphere at this stunning oriental restaurant. Experience a culinary journey through South-East Asia at Kamala restaurant at Conrad Cairo. Moreover, the restaurant indeed is the perfect tranquil escape from city life. It is due to its stylish oriental décor and sophisticated mood lighting. Furthermore, the expert Asian chefs specialize in creating mouthwatering dishes. They are full of fresh and aromatic ingredients.

Moreover, they produce producing the authentic sweet and sour flavors of the east. Begin your meal with a selection of Chinese dim sum. In fact, these bite-sized portions are ideal for sharing and trying new flavors. Choose from a wide array of delectable dishes for your main meal. They prepared using traditional charcoal grills and sizzling woks. Moreover, special steamers also used to create light and healthy dishes. Furthermore, they capture a true taste of the orient. Address: Conrad Cairo, 1191 Nile Corniche, Cairo 11221, Egypt. Phone: +20 2 25808430.

Cuisine: Asian and Korean.

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Mirai Restaurant – Cairo

Mirai is a restaurant in Cairo. It often looks like a windowless box, claustrophobic and dark. Mirai is the exact opposite, spacious, transparent, overlooking the Nile. Decoration is sober with very subtle details you notice time after time. The menu is a variety of fusion Asian food. If you have a preference on how anything should prepared, a word to the chef is all you need to do. Service, to nice people, is all attention and kindness. Be good to Mirai and it’ll be good to you. Address: 53 Abu El Feda St | Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt. (+202) 27350014.

Cuisine: Asian.

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Peking Restaurant Zamalek – Cairo

Hidden away behind Zamaleks many building lies that restaurant. The restaurant is classy and cozy. In fact, it is to avoid the commercialization that has swept over Zamalek. It features dim lights, soothing music and amazing service. You can find yourself easily sitting there for hours. You will sit having long conversations with friends or coworkers. The food is satisfactory with the chicken in five spices. And of course rice with vegetables and egg to accompany it (14 LE). Address: 23 B, Ismail Mohamed St., Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt. Tel; (+202) 27366167 / 27363894.

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese and Vegetarian.

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Sequoia Restaurant – Cairo

In fact, it located at the tip top of Zamalek. Sequoia indeed is one of Cairo’s most fashionable restaurants. You can choose to sit at one of the outdoor tables. There, you will enjoy the incredible Nile view and breeze. Opt for the comfortable cushions in the shelter of Sequoia’s indoors. Moreover, the restaurant serves a wide range of Egyptian and Mediterranean classics. It also has a decent sushi menu. Try the cocktails, the place  renowned for them as well as for the wide variety of Sheeshas. Address: End of Abdu El Feda Street, Zemalek, Cairo, Egypt. Tel: (+202) 2735 6050 / 2735 6051.

Cuisine: Asian, Japanese, Local and Middle Eastern.

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