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Cairo Bird Watching represented by Giza Zoo. In fact, Giza Zoo indeed is one of the most beautiful zoos in the world. It is the most inhabited by the various animal and plant species. Moreover, Giza Zoo area is about 80 acres. In fact, it located near the west bank of the Nile. Its northern tip overlooks Cairo University. Moreover, Giza Zoo not far from Cairo Downtown and it linked to it by many buses. In fact, Giza Zoo is under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt. Here you’ll find caged birds in the zoo and free roaming birds in the gardens such. The birds are Nile Valley Sun-birds and Cattle Egrets. It is as well as many migrating songbird species.

Fayoum Oasis is a wonderful Bird Watching Destination. In fact, it well known for its delicious fruits and vegetables. Birds migrate to the oasis for the lush plants and the waters of Quarun’s Lake. The lake indeed is the largest salt water lake in Egypt. Here you’ll find Grebes, coots, ducks and shorebirds during winter. The Suez is a major concentration point for migratory birds of prey. Furthermore, at Suez Canal, you’ll spot shorebirds, White-eyed Gulls and Lesser Crested Terns. Driving up to Suez from Cairo will take you about 2 hours. Take a trip to Suez Canal. It is a good destination for bird watching.

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Cairo Bird Watching also represented by Wadi El Natrun. In fact, it is a valley which located along the desert road between Cairo and Alexandria. Moreover, it is close to many lakes and marshes. Here you’ll find Sandplover, Rufous Bushchats and Blue-cheecked Bee-eaters. While you’re in Wadi El Natrun, do not forget to visit the ancient Coptic Monasteries. It is besides to the biggest natural wonder of the valley, Ain el-Hamra. In fact, it means “the red source”. It is freshwater source pouring directly into a saltwater lagoon. Wadi El-Natrun located 100 km northwest of Cairo in the Western Desert. The only way to get there is by car or by bus. West Delta Buses leave every hour from the Heliopolis station.

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