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Cairo Egypt city is the capital of Egypt and indeed one of the largest cities in Africa. It stood for more than 1,000 years on the same site on the banks of the Nile. In fact, it is on the eastern shore, some 500 miles (800 km) downstream from the Aswan High Dam. Cairo Egypt is the gateway to the Nile delta, where the lower Nile separates into the Rosetta and Damietta branches. Moreover, Metropolitan Cairo made up of Cairo and other districts. The city also has some of which belong to neighbored cities. Cairo Egypt is indeed a place of physical contrast. Along the well-irrigated shoreline, lush vegetation shares the landscape with tall skyscrapers. The city juxtaposes ancient and new, East and West. The Pyramids of Giza, near Memphis, stand at the southwestern edge of the metropolis.

Furthermore, an obelisk in the northeast marks the site of Heliopolis. Between these extremes are other architectural monuments, dating from Roman, Arab, and Turkish times. Moreover, Cairo Egypt features department stores, cinemas, hotels and town houses. Cairo Egypt also contains a large functioning bazaar and an extensive semi-walled medieval city. In fact, it has more than 400 registered historic monuments. This includes mosques, mausoleums and massive stone gates which date back to 130 BC. Cairo Egypt is fan-shaped, narrowest in the south. It is where the river valley wedged between desert escarpments and widest in the north.

Further details about Cairo Egypt:

In response to heightened demand, Cairo Egypt also elongated to the north and south. It developed an expanding annex on the Nile’s western shore. The central business district is at the City center or downtown. It flanked by these older quarters. City center includes the older Al-Azbakiyyah district and Garden City. Along the eastern edge of the metropolis stands the district of Dead City. It is a unique zone made up of an extensive series of cemeteries. The major monuments of these eastern cemeteries are Mamluk in design. Each topped by a plain or fluted dome.

Cairo EgyptCairo Egypt is indeed a vibrant, exotic and fascinating city. Furthermore, it is the home to the best Pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic sights in Egypt. Enjoy the Nile view from your hotel room balcony. Visit the capital's medieval markets by Khan El Khalili or walk down the Nile promenade. There are also plenty of cinemas, theaters and modern malls in Cairo Egypt. Go for an opera or enjoy oriental music dance shows. Good for short breaks and long stays. You will get to see the Giza Pyramids, Memphis and Sakkara. Moreover, you will see also thousands of ancient artifacts at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo Egypt.

More details about Cairo Egypt:

In fact, Cairo Egypt is for everyone, there are plenty of mid range and budget accommodations to choose from. Pick a charming boutique hotel in the heart of downtown. Indulge in utter luxury in one of the city’s most luxurious establishments. These usually house professional Spas and wellness centers where you will be treated like royalty. There are more than 75 four and five-star hotels in Cairo. All offer stunning views over amazing landmarks. landmarks such as the majestic Nile, the Pyramids and beautiful parks & gardens.

The weather in Cairo Egypt is moderate and low in humidity at any time of the year except specific times in summer. Highs of 36°C are common in July and lows of 21°C seen. The winter months in Cairo Egypt are much more pleasant. The temperatures rang is between 21°C and 15°C. Accommodation by the Nile offers some relief from the summer heat. This due to the lovely breeze that comes from the river. In March, April, and June the Khamaseen winds blow from the desert. They bring higher temperatures and sand.

Cairo Egypt People:

Cairo Egypt’s population, once both ethnically and religiously diverse, is now predominantly Muslim. A significant number of Egyptian Christians continue to dominate certain districts in the city. The majority of them are Coptic orthodox. The old Italian, Greek, Syrian, and Sudanese communities live in some locations. Moreover, about half of the city’s population live in the city proper, while half live in the suburbs.

Cairo Egypt Manufacturing:

Cairo EgyptCairo Egypt’s economy based on governmental functions, commerce, trade, and industrial production. The modern productive sector expanded dramatically since the middle of the 20th century. In fact, since the 1952 revolution, large scale industrialization built upon previous developments. The development is in textiles and food processing. Food processing consists of canning and freezing the wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Besides processing of sugarcane grown in Upper Egypt. It is besides to Iron & Steel production and consumer goods such as appliances. They are manufactured in nearby factories.

Finance and other services in Cairo Egypt:

In fact, Cairo Egypt is the country’s primary center for economic production and financial control. It still contains many of Egypt’s important banks, hotels and restaurants. Moreover, it also contains entertainment venues and cafes. About half of Cairo’s male labor force works on the assembly lines. It is in the auxiliary commercial and financial institutions. The large informal and traditional sectors still survive in craftsmanship. In fact, the personal relationships play an important role. Cairo Egypt began promoting itself as a premier conference and convention center. Many international events held in the city.

Cairo Egypt Transportation:

The transportation in Cairo Egypt made up of both formal and informal sectors. The Public Transport Authority runs a bus network which introduced in the 1950. Moreover, a far-reaching system of authorized, licensed cabs operates in the city. Informal transportation services include minibuses and taxis sprang up in 1970s and ’80s. These continue to predominate, particularly in areas that serve the expanding informal neighborhoods. In fact, Cairo Metro and a citywide subway system began service in 1987. Since then , it expanded.

Cairo EgyptTraffic congestion is a serious problem in Cairo Egypt. It is particularly as both imports and local assembly plants have provided greater access to automobiles. The Egyptian government built a large number of bypass highways and overpasses. This is to combat congestion and pollution. Donkey-drawn carts are also a common sight on Cairo Egypt streets. They operating among the city’s automobiles, minibuses, buses, streetcars and trolleys.

Cairo Egypt Health:

Many of Egypt’s health and medical facilities concentrated in Cairo Egypt. During the 1950 s and ’60 s, public hospitals introduced under Pres. In fact, much of Cairo Egypt’s urban poor have limited access to public health care services.

Cairo Egypt Education:

In fact, primary education is compulsory in Egypt. The primary, secondary schools and the city’s educational facilities also include technical institutes. Foreign schools, common in the 1940 s and ’50 s, taken over by the government in the ’60 s. Moreover, Cairo Egypt is a major center of higher education. The various faculties of Cairo University which built in 1908 produce the country’s largest number of college graduates and specialized professionals. It includes doctors, lawyers and engineers. Ain Shams University (1950) is also a notable institution.

Al Azhar University founded in the 10th century. It was before specializing chiefly in language, literature, and religious subjects. The university offers many of extra courses of study. It includes engineering, commerce and the social sciences. Moreover, the American University in Cairo (1919) offers instruction in English in many disciplines. Misr University for Science and Technology (1996) is one of several private universities.

Cairo Egypt Municipal services:

In fact, gas and water systems existed since 1860. Th electrical and sewerage systems is since the early 20th century. Most of the city’s formal housing connected to the electrical grid, water and sewage networks. Cairo Egypt has a significant informal housing sector. Many of these structures are not served by utilities. Drinking water in the city is generally Nile water that has filtered and purified. The telephone network introduced in the 1920. A new telephone grid integrated in the mid-1980.

Cairo Egypt Cultural life:

In fact, Cairo Egypt is indeed the cultural capital of the Middle East, as well as the region’s chief mass media center. It was also the site of the region’s major religious and cultural institutions. During the 19th century many of European cultural institutions such as theaters introduced. The original Baroque Opera House, situated on Opera Square in downtown Cairo. In fact, it destroyed by fire in 1971. Moreover, it replaced by a modern structure on the southern tip of Jazirah, completed in 1988. Egypt known for its musical, dramatic talent and as the site of a renaissance in Arab theater. The majority of Arabic films produced by Egyptian companies in Cairo Egypt. Furthermore, it has leading cinema stars and many popular musical entertainers.

This makes Cairo Egypt the headquarter of Arab world. Egyptian radio and television series are broadcast throughout the Arab world are in Cairo Egypt. Moreover, many of important newspapers published in the city. Egyptian heritage represented in the collections of the city’s rich series of museums. Located on Al Tahrir Square, the Egyptian Museum displays a vast collection of antiquities. It has the treasures of Tutankhamen. The Coptic Museum in Old Cairo has Islamic icons, textiles and stones. The Museum of Islamic Art in Bab al-Khalq displays Mamluk Quraans and objects of wood. Moreover, it also displays brass, inlay and glass. The War Museum which  located at the Citadel, is also in Cairo Egypt.

Further details about Cairo Egypt:

The Turkish-style Manyal Palace Museum stands on the island of Al-Rawaah. The mosques of Cairo Egypt themselves often offer as rich a historical store as the city’s museums. Cairo Zoological Gardens contain extensive collections of rare tropical animals in a garden setting. Moreover, there are sporting facilities in Cairo Egypt such as racetracks, swimming clubs and gardens. Nasr City is the site of the Cairo Stadium and has many playing fields. There are also recreation and entertainment options in Cairo Egypt. They include sailboat trips up the Nile, riverfront cafes, restaurant boats and nightclubsCairo Egypt area is about 453 km² and the population is about 25 million.

The City of a Thousand Minarets, Cairo Egypt, is the bustling and crowded capital of Egypt. It offers a deluge of culture of Islamic, Coptic, Modern and Ancient Egyptian. The city divided into 4 main areas. They are Eastern Cairo, Western Cairo, Southern Cairo and Northern Cairo. Each area feature about 8 quarters. Here are some tips you can make use of while in Cairo:

Don't miss:

Cairo EgyptThe Nile: Experience the Nile in Cairo Egypt by taking a short cruise through the amazing capital. You can also have lunch at one of the moored restaurant boats while watching the river go by. Moreover, you also can book a dinner cruise and enjoy a scrumptious traditional dinner in the festive ambiance.

Camel rides in Giza: A camel ride is a must-do for every first-time Egypt traveler. Before going on a Camel ride always agree on the price first & only tip if you want to!.

Virgin Mary Tree: If you choose to go on a Holy Family Tour in Cairo Egypt, you will certainly visit Virgin Mary’s tree in the Mataria district. The actual tree you will see is a sycamore which planted back in 1692. The tree is at the same location where the Holy Family rested under. It was on their journey from Palestine to Egypt.

Khan El Khalili: Don't forget to pick-up some souvenirs from this market. Typical souvenirs may include silver ware, gold and precious stones. Moreover, it also includes copper ware, carpets and hand-made goods.

Cairo Opera House: If you are a ballet, Opera or Orchestra fan be sure to visit Cairo Opera House. It features a number of shows throughout the year. Find out more about their schedule on the Cairo Opera House website.


  • Dress Code: When in Cairo Egypt, respect the local customs by dressing appropriately. It is especially if you plan to visit churches, mosques and Islamic landmarks.
  • Water drinking: It highly recommended to use the bottles of Mineral water for drinking instead of the tap water. The mineral bottles are sold everywhere and they are very cheap. The big one is about 08 Egyptian pound. (half of one USD).
  • Food: The Egyptian capital offers a wide choice of dining options. The options are from extra-cheap and fast to upscale gourmet dining. You can try the traditional “Taameyya”, “Ful Medammes”. Moreover, you also can try all types of grilled Kebab sandwiches at any snack shop around the corner. Hotels are indeed the home of luxurious restaurants serving an upscale version of local and middle-eastern dishes.
  • When you visit the pyramids dress comfortably. Sneakers and a cap are the way to go!.

By Air:

Cairo EgyptCairo International airport is only 15 km from the city center. The airport handles over 22 million passengers. Moreover, it features many facilities such as an Automated People Mover, the Air Mall, and VIP lounges. A new highway also built making your trip to and from the airport quicker and traffic free. Egypt Air (Tel: 392 7649;) has a number of offices around town. Cairo International Airport (Terminal 1 Tel: 265 5000, Terminal 2 Tel: 265 2222) is 20 km northeast of Cairo. Terminal 1 serves Egypt Air’s international and domestic flights. Moreover, Terminal 2 serves all international airlines except Saudi Arabian Airlines. You can find ATMs and exchange booths in the arrivals halls.

Bus 356 is air-conditioned and runs at 20-minute intervals from 7 am to midnight between both terminals and Abdel Moniem Riad square. It is behind the Egyptian Museum in central Cairo (E£2, plus E£1 per large luggage item, one hour). A black-and-white taxi to central Cairo costs around E£45 to E£60. To the airport it costs E£30 to E£35.

By Train:

Characterful and colonial, Ramses train station is Cairo’s main terminus. It has a left-luggage office charging E£ 2.50 per piece per day and a tourist information office (9 am-7 pm). The train recommended for the journey to Luxor, which, with its Nile views, is something of a classic. Egypt Sleeping Train (574 9274;) leaves at 8 pm, arriving in Luxor at 5.05 am the next morning, and Aswan at 8.15 am. To Luxor or Aswan costs US$60/80 per person one way in a double/single cabin. Tickets must be paid for in US dollars or euros (cash only).

The price includes dinner and breakfast and the experience is enjoyably old-fashioned. Aside from the sleeping train, foreigners can only travel to Luxor and Aswan on train 980, departing Cairo daily at 7 am; train 996, departing at 10 pm; and train 1902, departing at 12.30 am. First- and 2nd-class fares to Luxor (10 hours) and Aswan (13 hours) are E£67/45 and E£81/47 respectively. You must buy tickets at least a couple of days in advance.

By Bus:

There's an extensive network of buses runs between the major cities in Egypt. Some Bus companies features air-conditions, some refreshments, toilets and an in-ride movie. Buses are by far the best transportation mean for day trips. They are very affordable, but you have to think of making your reservations at least one day in advance.

By Taxi:

Cairo EgyptIn fact, there are three main types of Taxis in Cairo. The first type is the old black and white taxis. These have no meter, and the price of the trip usually known fact by everyone. It depends on the length of the journey and the traffic. Simply stand at the side of the road and at the sight of an approaching taxi point one hand towards the road. The taxi driver will slowly cruise past you. As he does, yell out a district or landmark near your destination (eg. Al Azhar). If the driver inclined to head there he will stop for you.

Solo males should sit in the front seat next to the driver. It is customary for solo females to sit in the back seat. Once inside, name your specific destination. Only tourists discuss price at this point, as to do so ensures that the driver will spend the entire trip haggling for a high fare. If the driver insists on knowing how much you will pay, name your price. Moreover, if he, or in the rare case, she, doesn't like it you can get out and find another cab. If you follow these instructions and the driver protests vehemently, he is either determined to gouge you, or you have genuinely underpaid him.

Further details:

If you are certain that he tries to gouge you, threaten to take the matter to the tourist police. Something all cabbies fear, and he will usually back down. Keep in mind that many factors affect rates such as traffic, number of passengers, luggage, time of day, remoteness of destination. However, please note that the majority of taxi drivers are polite, shy and satisfied with what they get, providing the fair offered is close to reasonable. Where you hail your cab does make a difference. The myriad of taxi drivers relaxing on their hoods in front of Cairo's five-star hotels can afford to rest.

They usually charge double, sometimes triple, the going rate and even Egyptians are made to pay this rate. Walk 100 yards from the hotel and stand by a busy street and the prices plummet. Beware of the black and white big Peugeot 504 service' taxis. While these extra roomy cabs are great if you have a large group or lots of luggage, they also charge twice the going rate and adamantly demand LE 10 for short hops.

More details:

The second type is the new white taxis. These are the revamped versions of the black ones. They have air conditioning, a meter and are newer safer cars. However, when you don't know the way they tend to take the longer route to get you to pay more. Its not uncommon to tip the drivers of those taxis. Those two types of taxis you can stop on any main street.

Try not to catch taxis right outside of hotels though as they tend to overcharge you. The last type of Taxis is the yellow ones. These also have a meter but you call them by phone through a company and they come to you wherever you are. These are the most expensive ones of course. You can ask the front desk at your hotel to call them for you. It is best to call a couple of hours in advance.

By Local Bus:

In fact, there are two types of buses in Cairo. They are the standard bus and the more expensive air conditioned CTA (Cairo Transport Authority). You can catch either of them in the designated bus stops.

By Micro-bus:

Every drivers worst nightmare; they drive horribly so you have to be ready for a wobbly ride. They are faster than regular buses and can go to smaller streets though. It is easier to use these than buses if you dont speak Arabic.

By Metro:

Cairo EgyptIn fact, Cairo has two metro lines. There is one under construction. It will take people from the airport to Lebanon Square. The metro lines extend vertically and horizontally across the city. The metro system runs indeed efficiently. It is without doubt the quickest and cheapest way to transverse the city, costing just 1 L.E. Of course the metro wont get you everywhere but it will get you around. It is very cheap, fast, safe and recommended to use. Note that there are two carts of every train are only for women.

That is not for religious reasons, but to encourage women to use the metro. It is since they usually experience some harassment on buses. Also, women can ride on all the carts not just the ones designated for them. So if you are a man try not to get in one of these carts, however if you look foreign most women would probably not comment. They just assume you aren't aware of the rule. Using the metro in city is the same as anywhere in the world. You go to the station, get a ticket, find the right track, and get on the train. Metro tickets can purchased at any of the kiosks in the station.

More details:

The metro operates daily from about 5:30 am to half past midnight. Intervals between trains vary throughout the day, but waits are never more than 15 minutes. Breakdowns are infrequent, but trains sometimes linger at stations for no apparent reason. Delays also caused by riders holding the doors open for friends behind them, sometimes far far behind them. The two metro lines vary slightly.

The older French-built line running from El Marg to Helwan has 32 stops. Its downtown stations are underground while the rest are on the surface. The underground platforms are comfortably warm in the winter and stuffy, humid and hot in the summer when the only breezes come from passing trains. The newer Shoubra-Cairo University line is better. It has 18 stops. Consider yourself lucky if your daily commute uses this line. Here under are Some useful exits:

Sadat Station:

This station is under Tahrir square and just minutes from the Egyptian Museum, Ritz Carlton and Nile Corniche. Moreover, its tunnels double as a pedestrian underpass. This is where the two metro lines meet.

Sayeda Zeinab Station:

This station further south is a useful departure point because it is within walking distance of the ninth century Mosque of Ibn Tulun. A further walk will take energetic tourists to the Citadel, Al Refa'i Mosque.

Mar Girgis Station:

This stop is for the Coptic Museum, the churches and monasteries of Old (Coptic) Cairo. It is also for Synagogue of Ben Ezra.

El Maadi Station:

Good for visits to this affluent suburb, but most of the district requires a car. However, the fifth century Church of the Holy Virgin is only a 15 minute walk from the station.

Helwan Station:

This is the last stop. Once a health resort of some renown with curative sulphur springs the suburb has now become an industrial area.

Mubarak Station:

Cairo Railway Station itself is worth a visit. The building is of historical interest being the first terminal in the Middle East. It built in the reign of Khedive Ismail in 1851. Round the corner is the little-known Railway Museum. It is a two-story building that dates back to 1933 and covers transportation in Egypt from ancient to modern times.

Mohamed Naguib Station:

Exit here for Abdeen Palace which built in the reign of Khedive Ismail between 1863 and 1879. It took over by the government after the 1952 Revolution. Moreover, It recently converted into a national museum.

Opera Station:

Exit this station for the Opera House. There is an Opera ticket counter in the subway and one exit leads directly into the Opera House garden. Opera House garden adorned with statues of Egyptian celebrities in the field of culture.

Dokki Station:

The station to exit for the Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum in Giza Street.

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5 Days Egypt tour Cairo Alexandria 02/07/2016 - 31/10/2030

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5 days Egypt tour Cairo Alexandria will start by the arrival at Cairo airport. Meet & assist by our representative through the formalities and customs. The day will be a full day tour to visit Sakkara, 28 Km southern to Giza.
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06 days 05 nights Cairo and Alexandria. The tour include Great Pyramids, Sphinx, Sakkara, Memphis, Egyptian Museum, Citadel, Khan El Kahlil bazaars, Catacombs, Pompey's Pillar and Montaza Palace. Accommodation at 4 stars hotel will be on half board basis. Lunches during tours will be at local restaurants
8 days Egypt tour Cairo Nile cruise

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Cairo Alexandria 3 nights Nile cruise tour
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Cairo Alexandria 3 nights Nile cruise tour will start by the arrival at Cairo airport. Meet & assist by our representative through the formalities and customs. The day will be a full day tour to visit Sakkara, 28 Km southern to Giza.
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Cairo Alexandria Fayoum tour will start by the arrival at Cairo airport. Meet & assist by our representative through the formalities and customs. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight will be at the hotel.
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Cairo Alexandria Nile cruise tour including 4 nights Nile cruise tour will start by the arrival at Cairo airport. The tour includes 5 nights accommodation at hotel in Cairo. It also includes 4 nights accommodation on Nile cruise. Moreover, the tour includes over day tour to Alexandria city.
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