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Kom Al Ahmar located in Beni Suef, Egypt. The site also known as “Mazura”. In fact, Kom Al Ahmar or Mazura is about half an hour of driving to the south of Dishasha. Moreover, Kom Al Ahmar located somewhere between the towns of Biba and el-Fashn. In fact, the site not famous enough and guarded by only a Gafir. Located near a small canal, Kom Al-Ahmar is a large archaeological site. The site which in red pottery shreds and contains many graves of different types. Some of the graves are pits in the sand and some brick lined.

Moreover, there is also a limestone platform which paved and low remains of stone. Furthermore, there are also brick walls which must once have contained a structure. There is also another site towards the small modern village of Kom Al Ahamar. The site is about one kilometer from the cemetery site. In fact, the site covered in broken pottery and lying by the track . Moreover, there are large sections of plain round columns which scattered haphazardly on the ground.

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