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Dishasha Beni Suef located to the west of the Nile in Beni Suef, Egypt. In fact, Dishasha Beni Suef is the nearest village to a cemetery of rock-cut Tombs. The rock cut tombs belong to Old Kingdom officials. Moreover, the tombs cut high into a cliff above the desert plain. In fact, the site is on the edge of the cultivated land. Furthermore, it accessed by a long flight of stone steps. The stone steps lead up to the terrace containing the main tombs. In fact, it is above which the open desert stretches out towards the west. Dishahsa site investigated by Petrie in 1897. Moreover, excavated under the auspices of the Egypt Exploration Fund.

Petrie found tombs which date back to Dynasty V in Dishasha Beni Suef. He also found several artifacts. The site best known for the tomb of Inty which contains a rare relief. In fact, the relief depicts a siege of a fortified town. Moreover, it also depcts industrial scenes including woodworking. Two well preserved linen garments found as well as pottery. In fact, they are now in the Petrie Museum in London. The tomb of Inty attracted the most attention at Dishasha Beni Suef. Unfortunately, it now closed by a large metal door. Furthermore, it published by WMF Petrie, with a chapter by F Llewellyn Griffith in 1898. A typical Old Kingdom statue of the tomb owner found. In fact, it was in the serdab of the nearby tomb chapel of Nenkheftkha .

Further details about Dishasha Beni Suef, Egypt:

The limestone statue stands 134 cm high. It represents Nenkheftkha wearing a short kilt and short black wig. Moreover, he stands with his left leg striding forward and with arms by his sides. In fact, the statue kept now in the British Museum in London. Another limestone statue also found in Dishasha Beni Suef. The statue depicts the owner and his wife Neferseshems. In fact, the statue now kept now in the Museum of the Oriental Institute of Chicago. This statue pair measures 69 cm high. In fact, it shows Nenkheftkha is a similar pose to his Serdab statue. It is while his wife wears a close fitting robe, necklace and long wig.

The entrances to other Dishasha Old Kingdom tombs at present covered by sand. But, the entrance chapels and courtyards can still seen. In fact, some with worn reliefs on their outer walls. There is a Gafir at the site who usually holds the key to the tomb of Inty. The modern village of Dishasha Beni Suef located about 130 km south of Cairo. Moreover, it is on the western edge of the cultivation, close to the Bahr Yussef canal. Furthermore, Dishaha is about 20 km north west of Biba. Ehnasya El Medina (Herakleopolis Magna) is around 20 km to the north of the site. In fact, it is easy to combine it in one trip.

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