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The English Mountain located in Bharaiya Oasis in Western Desert, Egypt. The mountain also called Gebel Al Ingleez which is the Arabic translation of the English name. In fact, the English Mountain located near to El Bawiti city. The mountain named this because it used by the English Soldiers during the World War I in 1916. In fact, the English Mountain was the residence of the soldier during this period. Moreover, the mountain still has some remnants of their buildings. Furthermore, on the top of the mountain are the ruins of soldiers cabins. It was under the command of Captain Williams.

Williams chose this spot to be as fortress for soldiers against Libyan Troops. Moreover, who tried to conquer the Oasis at that Time. The mountain indeed is one of the amazing places to visit in the Western Desert. Moreover, it is a good point to explore the White Desert and the Black Desert as well. Furthermore, the mountain located in an attractive region. The region is one of the most popular regions for adventure tours. In fact, it features diverse landscapes and unique rock formation.

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