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Bir Sigam is one of the most famous hot springs in Bahariya Oasis, Egypt. In fact, the hot spring located seven kilometers east of Cairo Bahariya oasis road. Bahariya oasis located 375 south west of Cairo in the Western Desert. In fact, it is bout 5 hours driving. Take a short vacation and soak in the heat of this amazing hot spring. In fact, a hot spring can help overcome rheumatism. The hot spring usually crowded in the day but empty at night.

Further details about Bir Sigam:

Moreover, the hot spring located against hills which sculpted out of black quartz. Furthermore, the area houses palm groves date and olive trees. The area also comprises other ten hot springs which create a sense of relaxation. Renowned for its healing powers, the hot spring eases some pains. In fact, the pains are of stiff joints and digestive issues.

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