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Aswan tombs include Penout tomb. In fact, the tomb belongs to Penout who was once a Viceroy of Kush. It was during the reign of Ramses IV (12th century BC). The tomb of Pennout has carvings on the wall in which Ramses IV honors his civil servant. In fact, the tomb located in Aniba, an area which was the home to many tombs. Penout was also a priest of Horus, that is why his tomb is fine and contains its own altar. The statues which once stood on it are now missing. Moreover, the tomb also features large sections. The sections containing inscriptions, carvings, and many high quality paintings. In fact, the tomb itself robbed and no sign of Penout’s mummy ever found. Furthermore, Penout was a governor of Lower Nubia and was Nubian as well. In fact, in the Egyptian tradition people buried in the land where they born.

Aswan tombs also include the tombs of the Nobles which located near the West Bank of Aswan. In fact, they are in front of the Northern section of the Elephantine Island. The tombs of the Nobles indeed have a significant importance. The tombs chance to know about the history of Egypt during the Old and the Middle Kingdoms. Lord Greenville was a British archaeologist. In fact, he was the one who discovered the tombs of the Nobles Aswan. It was in the period between 1885 AC and 1886 AC. In fact, the tombs of the Nobles located in area which called the tombs of Kubbet El Hawa. This area has some wonderful ancient art. It also has a noteworthy chronological importance of the Middle and the Old Kingdoms.

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The wall paintings inside are alive. They display the daily life activities of the ancient Egyptians. In fact, it indeed is in a magnificent masterpiece of art. The most important and beautiful tombs in the Nobles tombs are the tombs of Harkhuf and Sarenput II. The tombs of Sabni and Mekho are also importnat and beautiful as well. In fact, there is a small old passageway leads to a staircase. The staircase takes the guests to the upper open courtyard where the tombs dug. There are a large number of tombs which date back to the Middle and Old Kingdoms periods. However, some of them only are worth a visit.

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