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Bird Watching in Aswan is one of the most unique experience in Aswan. In fact, birds important to Egypt since the time of the Pharoahs. It was when gods from Horus to Re depicted as hawks, ibis, falcons, and vultures. Over 70 different species of birds depicted on temples walls. In fact, today, over 100 different species of birds are indigenous to Egypt. The country is an important migration corridor which attracting over 280 species of birds. Millions of birds pass through the country on their way from Europe and Central Asia. In fact, it is on their way to eastern and southern Africa in the Fall and back in the Spring. There are many excellent places to watch the birds in Egypt.

We already arrange special multi-day visits to places like Burullus Lake and Gebel Elba. Moreover, we also do to Manzala Lake, Bardawil Lake, Suez and Fayoum Oasis. Furthermore, we also do to Ras Mohammad and Wadi El Natrun. In fact, Aswan has exceptional marshes and islands. The Bird watching is wonderful to see the Green Heron and Egyptian Goose. Moreover, the bird watching includes Lappet-faced and Egyptian Vultures. Furthermore, the bird watching also includes King Fishers, Malachite King Fishers and Striated Herons. Bird Watching include Little Bitten Herons, Night Herons and Little Green Bee Eaters. Moreover, Bird Watching in Aswan also include Nile Valley Sun-birds.

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In fact, Beyond Bird Watching opportunities, Aswan is also the home of a large number of Nubian. The ancient people of southern Egypt and northern Sudan settled here. It was after being re- locate from villages. In fact, it was when Nasser’s Lake created with the Aswan High Dam. Aswan is the home of the Nubian Museum which holds an amazing collection of Nubian artifacts. Bird Watching include two-day Nubian bird-watching adventure. The adventure includes an exciting day out with one of the top bird experts in the region. It also includes a day tour to visit Nubian Village and the Nubian Museum. Sailing the Nile River on a Felucca gives you great bird watching opportunities.

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