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Alessandra Nile cruise double suite Alessandra Nile cruise single suite Alessandra Nile cruise triple suite
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Alessandra Nile cruise is one of the luxurious 5 stars Nile cruises among Egypt Nile cruises. In fact, the boat is also one of the honeymoon Nile cruises, best Nile cruises and Egypt Nile cruises 2019. Moreover, it is also one of Egypt Nile cruises 2020, 7 night Nile cruises and 4 nights Nile cruises. Furthermore, Alessandra cruise is also one of the Nile river ships which offer wonderful Nile cruise holidays. In fact, it also offers stunning Nile cruise packages, Nile cruise vacations and Nile cruise vacancies. The cruise in fact is also one of the 3 night Nile cruises, Monday Nile cruises and Friday Nile cruises as well. Moreover, it is one of the Nile cruises Luxor Aswan which offer amazing Nile cruise tours. Read the Nile river reviews at Nile cruises TripAdvisor website to know more. Book Alessandra cruise through our Nile cruise booking system in our website.

avg/night290.00$ SELECT
Amoura Nile Dahabiya suite cabin

Amoura Nile Dahabiya
Luxor Egypt

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Amoura Nile Dahabiya is one of the most luxury among Egypt Nile Dahabiyas. In fact, the boat runs with the power of wind. However, it has engines for generating the electricity. Furthermore, Amoura Dahabiya cruise is one of the honeymoon Nile cruises. The boat in fact offer 3 night cruise package from Aswan. Moreover, it also features 4 night Nile cruise tour from Esna. In fact, the cruise boat features 6 elegant cabins. air conditioning and private bathroom. Acoomodation on the boat based on full board. Book Amoura cruise through Nile Dahabiya booking system in our website.

avg/night320.00$ SELECT
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