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Hosny Grill Restaurant – Alexandria

If you’ve had all the fish and seafood you can take on your Alexandrian trip. But still found yourself wandering hungry around the Anfushi quarter. In fact, Hosny Grill is the place to hit. This semi-outdoor restaurant is all about chicken, kebabs and meat. The prices are fair and everything comes with a nice garnish of vegetables, salad and rice. Address: Safar Pasha St., Bahari, Alexandria, Egypt. Tel: (+203) 481 2350.
Cuisine: Local, Middle Eastern.

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Samakmak Restaurant – Alexandria

One of Alexandria’s most popular seafood restaurants is indeed Samakmak. It still has the mouths watering for its undeniable deliciousness. Samakmak has also a branch in Cairo. However, there’s nothing like dining near the Mediterranean Sea. Take one look and you can’t deny that the fish before you is fresh out of the water. Located in the Bahary area, Samakmak is indeed a cozy little restaurant. Moreover, the restaurant has modern decor inside and patio seating available outside. Opting for dining al-fresco made for a relaxing night of stuffing the faces full. Address: 42 Kasr Ras El Teen, Ramleh, Alexandria, Egypt. Tel: (+203) 34809523.

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Local, Middle Eastern.

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Seagull Restaurant – Alexandria

In fact, Seagull Sea food restaurant serves fresh dishes from the sea up to the table. In addition to the private fishing fleet of the Seagull Restaurant. It is always available in all parts of the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, it does its best to attract the most delicious kinds of fishes, shells and all kinds of Sea Fruits. The vegetables and fruits also served in the restaurant. They cultivated by the Seagull restaurant in private farms. Address: Al Agami Road , Alexandria, Egypt.

Cuisine: Local, Mediterranean.

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