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China House Restaurant – Cecil hotel, Alexandria

In fact, the restaurant located in the roof top garden of the Cecil hotel. Moreover, it features inside and outside seating. In fact, the seating makes an ideal dining experience with a panoramic view of the city. It also does of harbor of Alexandria. Furthermore, the operation aimed at the guests of the hotel, visitors and residents of Alexandria. In fact, the summer trade is obviously the largest season for tourists. The restaurants established a large following of both resident Expatriates and locals in Alexandria. Address: Cecil hotel, Alexandria, Egypt. Tel: (+203) 48 77 173 ext.: 782.

Cuisine: Chinese.

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China House Restaurant – San Stefano Grand Plaza

In fact, you will enjoy Chinese food in a very good place. Moreover, the place will make you feel like you’re in china. Welcome to the China House Restaurant!. In fact, China House San Stefano is famous for the delicious and reasonably priced Chinese cuisine. Moreover, it includes the house specialties and other customer favorites. Furthermore, The dishes served in a relaxed and welcoming setting. In fact, you, your friends and family will really enjoy. Are in the mood to indulge in something new?. Do want to enjoy some old favorites?. Then, the restaurant promises that. Address: San Stefano Mall, Alexandria, Egypt. Tel: (+203) 58 20 928 / 58 39 334 (+203) 111 188 4354.
Cuisine: Chinese.

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