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Ancient Alexandria represented by Alexandria National Museum. It is indeed one of Egypt’s finest museums. Alexandria National Museum inaugurated by Previous President Hosni Mubarak on December 2003. Alexandria National Museum located in a restored palace. The museum contains about 1,800 artifacts that narrate the history of Alexandria throughout the ages. They include the Pharaonic, Roman, Coptic and Islamic eras. There are even some more modern pieces from 19th century. They are such as glassware, silverware, chinaware and precious jewels. In fact, they provide a sense of the richness of the court of Mohammed Ali and his descendants. Mummies shown in a special underground chamber (basement) at Alexandria National Museum.

Ancient Alexandria also represented by Anfushi tombs. They are limestone tombs, date back to 250 BC and painted to simulate alabaster and marble. The tombs decorated with pictures of Egyptian gods and daily life, along with graffiti. Moreover, the tombs located on a spit of land that was once an island known as Pharos Island. Anfushi tombs lie to the south of the esplanade leading to the palace of “Ras el Tin”. All date back to the first half of the 3rd century. The tombs discovered in 1901 and 1921.

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Ancient Alexandria also represented by Catacombs in Koum El Shokkafa. The necropolis of Catacombs  consists of a series of Alexandrian tombs, statues and archaeological objects. In fact, the objects are of the Pharaonic funeral cult with Hellenistic and early Imperial Roman influences. Due to the time period, many of the features of the Catacombs merge Roman, Greek and Egyptian cultural points. In fact, some statues are Egyptian in style, yet bear Roman clothes and hair style. The other features share a similar style. A circular staircase, which often used to transport deceased bodies down the middle of it, leads down into the tombs.

Ancient Alexandria also represented by Graeco Roman Museum. It was was built in 1892 as a small building located on Horreya Road. In 1895 it transferred to the present site near Gamal Abdul Nasser Road. It started with eleven galleries, and has been enlarged in later renovation stages. The 25th gallery inaugurated in 1984. Graeco Roman Museum contains a big variety of coins from different countries. They are arranged and dating back from 630 BC to the Ottoman period in the 19th century.

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Ancient Alexandria also represented by Pompey’s Pillar. It is a Roman triumphal column in Alexandria, Egypt. In fact, it is the largest of its type which constructed outside of the imperial capitals of Rome and Constantinople. The only known free-standing column in Roman Egypt which not composed of drums. Moreover, it is one of the largest ancient monoliths and one of the largest monolithic columns ever erected. The monolithic column shaft measures 20.46 m in height with a diameter of 2.71 m at its base. The weight of the single piece of red Aswan granite estimated at 285 t.

Ancient Alexandria also represented by Roman Amphitheater. It is one of the most popular monuments located in the city of Alexandria, the second most important city in Egypt after Cairo. The Amphitheaters quite spread during the reign of the Romans in different countries like Greece, Italy and Turkey. It is over a large empire with many examples of these structures. In fact, they still present in many regions around Europe and the Middle East. The Roman Amphitheater is the only one of its type in Egypt. The word “Kom El Dekka” in Arabic, means the hill of rubble or the hill of the benches. It named that way when a famous historian, El Neweiry, passed by this area. It was in the beginning of the 20th century.

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Ancient Alexandria also represented by Villa of the Birds. was discovered by the members of the Egyptian-Polish mission during their forty years of work at Kom El Dekka, Alexandria, Egypt. In 1998, a group of competent archaeologists and conservators began the work. It was to preserve and present the mosaics of Villa of the Birds to the public.

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