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Alexandria Nightlife Cafes represented by The Opera House. In fact, the Opera House known as the Sayed Darwish Theater, since it named after Egyptian singer and composer. In fact, Sayed Darwish is the one who put music to the Egyptian anthem “Bilady, Bilady, Bilady”. Moreover, Alexandria Opera House is a small but amazing cultural venue of the Pearl of the Mediterranean. Furthermore, in 2000, the building put of Egypt’s National Heritage list. Consequently, it undergone seven years of thorough renovation works. It gave back its splendor to the delicately decorated premises of the opera.

Alexandria Nightlife Cafes also represented by Athineos. Founded in 1900, the Athineos is indeed one of Alexandria’s oldest coffee shops and restaurants. Located opposite Midan Ramla, the building still exudes its ancient charm. Moreover, it became over the past few years a favorite haunt of tourist groups touring the Pearl of the Mediterranean. Furthermore, lunches organized in a buffet setting within the restaurant’s huge dining room. If you plan to explore Alexandria at your own pace, try getting there in the early morning. That is when you’ll be able to enjoy all the quietness you need. You will be able gaze freely at the ornamental details of the place. The high decorated ceilings and walls, the Art-Deco furniture, the beautiful imposing columns and the Greek inspired sculptures.

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Alexandria Nightlife Cafes also represented by Sofianopoulo. Founded circa 1908 by M. Sofianopoulo, long before the Greek exodus in the mid 1930’s, the Sofianopoulo Coffee Store stands to this day on the western end of Saad Zaghloul Street in Alexandria. Today, the locale owned by Egyptians. Moreover, it houses the same old-style coffee grinding machines. In fact, the machines stood there 100 year ago and colossal sacks of odorant coffee beans. The beans come from all around the world. The shop is pretty wide and easily accommodates a few tables and chairs. But in fact, there is no place to sit in Sofianopoulo. Regulars and occasional visitors drink their freshly brewed espressos. In fact, it is  at the standing-only bar, or hunched at one of the shop’s counters.

Alexandria Nightlife Cafes also represented by Trianon Café. Try to wake up early someday, skip your hotel’s breakfast, and get yourself down to Midan Ramla in Alexandria. There, you’ll find Trianon Café which is one of the most famous Alexandria Nightlife Cafes. In fact, the place is there for decades, since 1905. The world renowned Greek poet Constantin Cavafy spent most of his free time at this very same place. In fact, it was in the early 20th century. It was when not working in the offices that located in the same building one floor above. Trianon Café famed to this day for its delicious continental-style breakfasts.

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