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Alexandria Modern Museums featured by The Fine Arts Museum. Alexandria Fine Arts Library dates back to 1892. In fact, it attached to Graeco Roman Museum. In 1940 demolished the villa after the library came under bomb during World War II. Moreover,in 1948 it rebuilt and amended the design to be a library. Furthermore, in 1998 it transferred  to the Fine Arts Ministry of culture sector. The library cultural center allocated for the establishment of concerts and cultural seminars. It also allocated for the establishment of Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean countries.

Alexandria Modern Museums also featured by Cavafy Museum. The museum belongs to Mr. Constantine Cavafy. He born in 1863, in Alexandria, Egypt and where he lived most of his life. The apartment where he spent his last 35 years, in Lepsius Street –  renamed “Sharm El Sheikh”. It was after the site at the entrance of the Bay of Aquaba, made over into a museum. In fact, it done to honor the life and works of the great Alexandrian poet. After Cavafy’s death in 1933, his apartment turned into a cheap hostel. A museum of sorts later created on the upper floor of the Greek Consulate General. In fact, it is within the Hellenic Quarter of Chatby, Alexandria.

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Alexandria Modern Museums also featured by Mahmoud Saeed Museum. The museum located in Alexandria city, Egypt. In fact, the museum belongs to the famous artist Mr. Mahmoud Saeed. Mr. He born in Alexandria, Egypt son of Muhammad Saeed Pasha, the Prime Minister of Egypt in that period. After receiving his high school diploma, he went on to law school, receiving his degree in 1919. Moreover, between 1919 and 1921 he traveled through Europe, ultimately studying at the Académie Julian. Furthermore, he returned to Egypt and worked at the Mixed Courts of Egypt until his father’s death in 1950.

Alexandria Modern Museums also featured by Qaitbay Maritime Museum. The museum is one of the smallest museums in Egypt. In fact, the museum displays different kinds of sea creatures and scenes from the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, the museum contains natural coral reefs, many kinds of fish like the Picasso fish, and some seashells. The next display of the museum consists of a collection of skates and rays. Some of these creatures are more than three meters long. Some of them look scary, while some have natural colors and wonderful designs on their backs. Next, there is a huge collection of sea sponges from the Mediterranean Sea.

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Alexandria Modern Museums also featured by Royal Jewelry Museum. The museum located in the neighborhood of Zizenia in Alexandria city. Royal Jewelry Museum Alexandria is indeed one of the largest museums in Egypt. Moreover, it has a surface area of around 4185 meters. Royal Jewelry Museum Alexandria hosts the most valuable displays. They include the jewelry and the ornaments which the queens and the princesses of the last royal family of Egypt wore. Moreover, the building of the museum itself truly is marvelous. It housed in the palace of Princess Fatema El Zahraa. It is indeed a rare piece of architectural art that  constructed in the 19th century.

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