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Alexandria Modern Architecture featured by Alexandria Library. The library dedicated to recapture the spirit of openness and scholarship of the original Bibliotheca Alexandrina. In fact, it is indeed much more than a library. The Children’s Library (CH) provides educational, recreational and cultural resources for children aged 6 to 11. It contains a large collection of picture books, story books, nonfictional books and multimedia materials. Moreover, the material is available in several languages and covers a wide range of subjects from arts to zoology. In addition to the reading area, the CH encompasses a computer lab. It also features an activities room, a storytelling and puppet-show corner and a multimedia corner.

A special section dedicated to children with different types of disabilities. Several activities offered by the CH staff on a daily basis. In fact, they are such as storytelling, puppet show performances and arts and crafts groups. Children’s authors often invited to read to the children. The main objective of the CH is to develop the children’s reading, research and creativity skills. In fact, it is through the different programs and activities.

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Alexandria Modern Architecture also featured by Planetarium Science Center. It is a fairly recent 21-st century project. The center located within the Alexandria Library. Planetarium Science Center dedicated to the development of culture, curiosity and passion for science. Moreover, Planetarium Science Center divided into 3 sections. They are the Planetarium, the History of Science Museum and the “ALEXploratorium.”. The Center is a dome-like 3D projection room where one can feel as if flying through space. Visitors offered a daily fascinating and detailed live-like presentation of the universe’s evolution in time. Furthermore, it all gets even better when the show’s hosted by one of the center’s resident astronomers.

Alexandria Modern Architecture also featured by Stanley Bridge. In fcat, the bridge is a 400 meter-long proudly standing Egyptian modern monument. If you decided to walk along the corniche, you will see old men playing backgammon. Moreover, you will see also youngster enjoying night skyline from the nearby cafe. See the harbor, Stanley Beach down below and the elegant towers of the bridge. There are plenty of local and international cafes in the area. Try to visit this spot on a summer evening. It is when the sky is clear and the sunset is more inspiring than ever. A perfect point to take great pictures of the whole Alexandrian seafront.

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