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Alexandria Fun Leisure represented by The Opera House. It named “Mohamed Ali Theater”. The original owner of Alexandria Opera House called Badr El Din Kerdany. He appointed a French architect who’s name is Georges Baroque to do the design of it. In 1921, Alexandria Opera House was host to celebrated Arab and foreign singers. In 1962 Alexandria Opera House renamed “Sayed Darwish Theater” to honor Mr. Sayed Darwish. Sayed Darwish a famous Egyptian musician. Moreover, Sayed Darwish is the one who composed the Egyptian national anthem.

Alexandria Fun Leisure also represented by Anfushi Fish Market. It attracts a lot of customers for buying their needs from fish and marine organisms. The time of bids in the early morning after dawn is the best because the override votes and auctions start.  The auctions are to buy fresh fish which which caught at night. Alexandria Fun Leisure includes The Sporting Club. It was managed by Mahmoud Hamdy, the chairman of the club. 97% of the club area is occupied by a Golf course. Those with annual memberships, tourists or those who pay a daily entrance fee can play Golf. Summer memberships are available, also. Alexandria Sporting Club also has three swimming pools, tennis courts and equestrian area.

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Alexandria Fun Leisure also represented by Athineos. It was founded in 1900. Athineos Alexandria is one of Alexandria’s oldest coffee shops and restaurants. Athineos Alexandria located opposite Midan El Ramlin Alexandria. Alexandria Fun Leisure also includes Delices Pastry Shop. It established in 1922. Since then, Delices Pastry Shop Alexandria delivers clients the finest selection of pastries. It also delivers baked goods and confectioneries from around the world. The family at Delices Pastry Shop Alexandria believes in making delicious desserts. They create the most sensational dessert experience in Alexandria and all Egypt!

Alexandria Fun Leisure also represented by  Montaza Complex.  Montaza Palace Alexandria and Montaza Gardens located in Montaza copmlex. In fact, Montaza complex located at the Eastern edge of the city of Alexandria on the north coast of Egypt. The complex size ranges around 360 acre, overseas a gulf. The gulf called Al Montaza Gulf. Montaza complex contains five beaches for swimming. They are Aida Beach, Cleopatra Beach, Vanessa Beach, Semiramis Beach and the private beach of Helnan Palestine Hotel.

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Alexandria Fun Leisure also represented by San Stefano Grand Plaza. It houses the Four Seasons hotel, and private residences. It houses also a private marina and a lavish mall. San Stefano Grand Plaza Alexandria features 4 floors of retail shops. The state of the art features  cinemas, a children’s amusement center and Metro supermarket. It also features several coffee shops and a food court with an endless variety of choices. San Stefano Grand Plaza Alexandria is all about extravagance.

Alexandria Fun Leisure also represented by Sofianopoulo Coffe Store. It specialized in selling a mixture of Ethiopian, Yemenite coffee. It also sells Brazilian and Colombian coffee. Mr. El Tantawi took it over in 1932. Mr. Sofianopoulo stayed on for another five years before emigrating to Greece in 1937. Until the fifties the clients were mainly people over forty years old. The youngsters did not use drink coffee, especially dark coffee.  But, Sofianopoulo has expanded. It is willing to change with the times. It now offers light coffee with a variety of flavors such as hazelnut, chocolate, and vanilla.

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Alexandria Fun Leisure also represented by Souk El Attarine. It  is more of a labyrinth of narrow alleys and pedestrian streets. Souk El Attarine Alexandria bursts with all types of shops dotting both sides of the streets. The merchants selling all types of souvenirs and traditional Egyptian artifacts. The traditional Egyptian artifacts are such as sheeshas, colorful blown glass products, Gallabeyyas, belly-dancing costumes, spices and antiques. Souk El Attarine is specially for antiques. Collectors will have a great load of fun diving through the accumulated piles of historical relics in each shop. In fact, it forbidden to export any Ancient Egyptian antiquities from Egypt without a permit.

Alexandria Fun Leisure also represented by Trinaon Cafe. It was originally founded in Europe circa 1555. Trianon Cafe Alexandria is an iconic tea room in Alexandria. It allegedly opened in 1905 and harks back to the city’s golden days as a Cosmopolitan society. Trianon Cafe located on the seafront side of Le Metropole Hotel on the Alexandrian Corniche. It takes up nearly half of the hotel’s ground-floor block.

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