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Information about Nile cruise Egypt, classification, sailing schedule

Nile cruise Egypt indeed is the most popular attraction for all tourists from all over the world. In fact, Egypt Nile cruise is a floating hotel. It sails from Luxor to Aswan in 4 nights or from Aswan to Luxor in 3 nights. Some Nile cruises do 4 nights from Aswan and three nights from Luxor. Furthermore, Nile cruise Egypt features either 3 or 4 or 7 nights tour programs. If you are on a Nile cruise, you will have the chance to pass by temples and sand dunes. Furthermore, while you are on a board of a Nile cruise, you will watch the sun set. You will also watch the sun rise as well.

In fact, to enjoy your romantic adventure, make sure you book one of Egypt Nile cruise tours. You can get 3 nights Nile cruise tour, 4 nights Nile cruise tour or 7 nights Nile cruise tour. There are many ways to sail on the Nile. Either you take a short hop of a few hours on a Nile cruise ship or a felucca.

Nile cruise Egypt Schedule

In fact, the Nile cruises ships in Egypt have fixed sailing schedule. Most of Egypt Nile cruises embark on Friday, Monday and Wednesday from Aswan. They sail to Luxor for 03 nights nights. Moreover, they embark back from Luxor every Monday, Thursday and Saturday in sequence. They sail to Aswan for 04 nights. The others of Egypt Nile cruises have different schedule. You have to contact us in advance. It is to ensure that the cruise you wish, sails on the same day you chose.

Egypt Nile cruises Classification

In fact, 05 stars and 04 stars categories granted to Nile River cruises Ships by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. This classification doesn't reflect the real thing of the Nile River cruise. We classified the cruises based on the real furniture - Not The Brochure's Photos-. We also based on services, food quality, reliability and other factors. Our classification starts from Luxurious, goes down to Deluxe, then Superior and then Standard. It ends with 04 stars

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