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The Dead Sea eastern coast in Jordan is one of the most spectacular natural and spiritual landscapes in the whole world. A series of new roads, hotels and archaeological discoveries are converging to make this region, the lowest spot on earth at 410 meters below sea level, as enticing to international visitors today as it was to kings, emperors, traders and prophets in antiquity. The leading attraction at the Dead Sea is the hot, soothing super-salty seawater, which is four times saltier than normal seawater. It is rich in chloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, bromine and several others. This unusually salty, buoyant and mineral-rich water has attracted visitors since ancient times, all of whom have floated effortlessly on their backs while soaking up the
water’s healthy minerals along with the gently defused rays of the Jordanian sun.
The Dead Sea’s total attraction is due to its unique combination of several factors: the chemical composition of its water, the filtered sunrays and oxygen-rich air, the mineral-rich black mud along the shoreline, and the adjacent fresh water and thermal mineral springs

Aqaba, with its clean sandy beaches and transparent waters, is an ideal location for both relaxation and water sports. Sunbathing, Swimming, para-sailing, water skiing and jet skiing, are just some of the activities to partake in. Famed for its preserved coral reefs and unique sea life, this Red Sea port city was, in ancient times, the main port for shipments from the Red Sea to the Far East. Surrounded by rugged mountains that subtly change color as the day unfolds, Aqaba is Jordan's only port city. Its crystal clear waters, abundant marine life and pleasant climate (With moderate temperatures in winter and fresh cooling sea breezes in summer), make it an ideal location for year round scuba diving, snorkeling and other water sports. The Red Sea's unique marine ecosystem includes more than 140 species of coral and countless varieties of brightly colored fish, some of which are unique to the region.

Live Marine:
Some of the many exotic marine animals and coral reefs are nestled beneath the warm, crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. Sting and manta rays, clown, angel, butterfly and lionfish, and occasionally turtles, eels and dolphins are spotted amid the resort’s exquisite coral reefs. Over 140 species of coral and at least 40 species of fish and other invertebrates have been identified in Aqaba, creating a colorful kaleidoscope. This, combined with the Gulf’s depth and its isolation of sea currents, which minimize turbulence and improve visibility, make it one of the most rewarding scuba diving and snorkeling spots in the world.

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